Sunday, 8 January 2017

Linnux is bad

Recently I took my son to the cinema to watch the movie "Rock Dog". Nice, although the plot is not entirely convincing to me. Anyway I am not writing a comment to the movie. I was astonished because of the name that was chosen for the boss of the evil wolves: Linnux. As a supporter of free and open source software (FLOSS or "software libero" in Italian), of course including Linux kernel, I was puzzled about this choice.
I am glad that FLOSS is more and more used, Linux kernel is the core of Android OS (the most used mobile OS), the most used kernel on servers and supercomputers, but I see that the name "Linux" never comes out in commercials or in common peoples' talking, as if "Linux" was a bad word or drawing bad luck. For example: on Lancia cars the USB port has the "MS Windows" label well shown, claiming the property of the built in MP3 audio player. Why Toyota cars don't have a Linux logo?
It seems to me that somebody (or more than some) doesn't want to make the "Linux" name popular or, alternatively, wants to make people think it is evil, like the boss of the bad wolves in "Rock Dog".